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2010-12-29 01:13:58 by Purifacted

I have on several occasions been accused of "stealing" art.
I will admit to using a sprite sheet on one of my art submissions (56th Street)
But the creator of the sheet did not ask for credit.. there for it was perfectly "legal"
But all my other art is honestly straight off my creation, although some IS BASED OFF of other projects


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2010-12-29 11:49:44

Legal? No, far from it actually. Sprite rippers themselves are technically stealing.
But the rules of the portal are pretty simple, you didn't make the sprites, they aren't allowed. If that is too much to comprehend, then the portal isn't the place for you.

Purifacted responds:

Yeah, i only had one picture in which i didnt make the sprites!
I dont understand why they deleted my four horsemen picture, because i made those sprites!